Nexia International

We are integrated in Nexia International, the network of independent professional services firms and one of the leading global networks. This is the 9th global net and is made up of more than 32,000 employees around the world.

It operates in 122 countries nowadays by means of 653 offices; this guarantees a high-quality service in every corner of the world. All this allows to avoid problems and frontiers usually found by our clients when operating in global markets.

All its members are focused on their clients’ businesses. Its slogan: “Closer to you”, clearly reflects its aim: standing close to its clients to guide them to success.

The basis of its success consists on generating trustworthy and quality relationships between different partners. This is carried out through a very active network that fosters a tight collaboration of its firms. The result: highly important projects completed with high-quality and accuracy standards.

Another base for this net is its members training. Several congresses where firms present novelties in their countries are annually organized; therefore, everyone has a global perspective of the needs in every other country.