Antonio Pérez


Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Studies in the Universidad San Pablo CEU of Madrid. Afterwards, he studied postgraduate studies in Quantitative Marketing in the University College Dublin (UCD), in Technology Management and Information
Systems in the IE Business School of Madrid, in Quantitative Finance in Analistas
Financieros Internacionales (AFI) and in Tax Advisory in the Center for Financial Studies (CFS). Additionally, he was granted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research

During Antonio’s 25 years of experience, he has developed projects related to
Companies analysis, to assessment from a business, financial and system strategy
perspective, to assessment of different fields related to regulatory compliance
(personal data protection, money laundry prevention, etc.), and to strategic marketing.


Data analysis (Small and Big Data)
Quantitative Finance.
Applied engineering and corporate restructuring.
Systems development, both from a software architect and from a hardware level.
Quantitative, strategic and operative marketing.
Strategic assessment.
Regulatory compliance in areas such us personal data protection and money laundry prevention.


Mass consumption.
Investment banking.
Banking and insurances.