We offer specialised services in forensic that cover the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud, independent expert, forensic technology, data analysis, ethical lines or corporate intelligence.

Our forensic area offers sound and practical advice, helping our clients in the prevention and detection of fraud or financial crimes, the resolution of commercial conflicts and regulatory compliance, the investigation of fraud, irregular behaviours and cases of corruption, or the management of the risk of buying or selling a business.

Our multidisciplinary team with experience in very complementary fields (accounting, processes, technology, research) allows us to safely undertake projects with security in order to reduce reputational risk and commercial losses.

Our work philosophy is based not only on the practical, agile and multidisciplinary approach required by the current dynamics of business activities, but also on the clarity, solidity and professionalism of our reports.

For this we use the latest technologies of Computer Forensic and Data Analytics for the detection of irregularities, fraudulent activities, management of digital and electronic evidences, thanks to our technological partners.

Advice on disputes

Having the advice of a sound and prestigious Independent Expert on disputes can be paramount when it comes to obtaining a positive outcome for your interests.

Our team of professionals provides advice as an Independent Expert on economic-financial and accounting matters, preparing expert evidence in the framework of dispute resolution and arbitration processes, litigation, mediations or disputes in insurance transactions and claims. In addition, we also act as an independent expert and expert arbiter in private disputes.

Our services include the following:

  • Expert Reports as an Independent Expert: preparation and ratification of expert reports in the civil, criminal, commercial and labour fields, as well as in national and international arbitrations.
  • Quantification of the damages and losses caused (emerging damage and loss of earnings).
  • Advisory services in complex negotiations prior to judicial proceedings.
  • Counter-reports or evidence to the contrary, through a critical and exhaustive analysis accompanied by a rigorous and well-founded argument.
  • Business valuations and corporate participants, valuations of shares and businesses in transactions and disputes between shareholders.
  • Forensic in transactions (settlement reports of adjustment to the price by mutual agreement between the parties), review of the financial clauses and price adjustment mechanisms incorporated in the purchase agreements.
  • Regulation of risks and opportunities analysis before regulatory scenarios and support in the negotiation of regulatory change.
  • Management of digital evidence and IT expert reports. Acquisition, processing, custody and review of large volumes of data stored on electronic support (E-Discovery and Digital Evidence).

Investigation of Fraud

Our goal is to prevent and detect fraud and be prepared to investigate and combat it when it occurs, minimizing damage and reputational impact.

Business fraud is increasing. The economic environment, the pressure for results, the enrichment or the opportunities presented by weaknesses in the control environment affect their origin.
To guarantee this fight is effective, it is necessary to have the advice of trusted professionals in crisis management through a wide range of services, among which we may emphasise the following:

  • Advice on the management and prevention of the risk of fraud: for this we prepare assessments or diagnosis of the risk and the degree of exposure to fraud, we define and/or verify the existing anti-fraud controls in your company and business processes, as well as the organisational culture. To this end, we apply the best practices in order to identify limitations or areas for improvement.
    In this same sense, we develop and implement fraud prevention policies and protocols.
  • Fraud detection: once the business has been understood and following the Risk Assessment, we define and implement alerts against fraud or irregularities through the application of advanced techniques of “data mining”, definition of models, “scoring” systems and compliance tests in transactions, areas and processes. In this way, we help our clients to meet specific anti-fraud and anti-corruption regulatory compliance regulations, among which it is worth noting the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA), Money Laundering, the UK Bribery Bill, etc.
  • Investigation of fraud: we investigate, quantify and substantiate fraud (accounting manipulation, misappropriation of assets, corruption/bribery, etc.), quantifying the economic damage caused and preparing and issuing an expert’s report that may be eventually used in a judicial procedure (labour and/or criminal).

Corporate intelligence

Improving knowledge is the best way to reduce risk.
We help our clients to develop the necessary strategies to reduce business risk and protect the infrastructure, investments, operations and reputation of their company both at a national and international level.

Our “corporate intelligence” procedures aim at assessing the integrity, links and solvency of an individual or a company through the collection and analysis of public and private access information in the more than 100 countries of our international network.
In this sense we can help you:

  1. Obtain extensive knowledge about integrity, reputation, activities and experience, financial solvency, financial and corporate links, conflicts of interest, etc. of a natural or legal person (clients, suppliers, managers, potential partners, etc.) .
  2. Draw up an analysis of assets through the traceability and identification of possible goods and funds of the individuals or legal entities being analysed.



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