Reporting IFRS

The submission of the IFRS reporting duly audited to the parent company on time is crucial for decision-making and for the proper control of the subsidiaries. Our international network provides us with extensive experience in the audit of subsidiaries of multinational groups, where the management of a “dual” accounting is usual; on the one hand, complying with Spanish regulations through the application of the local accounting scheme, and on the other, providing financial information to the parent company, prepared under international standards (IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards).

Our team of professionals audit the reports for the parent company, making the appropriate reviews of the conversion that the company makes to properly report under the Spanish accounting framework, or under the international regulatory framework. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to have a close collaboration with the auditors of the group, providing all the necessary reports for their audit of the consolidated group, within the required deadlines according to the instructions received.

In the case of Spanish groups with subsidiaries abroad, it is equally essential that all subsidiaries report to their parent in Spain under the same accounting framework, the IFRS, so that the information can be properly consolidated and audited in the adequate terms. Our Nexia International network allows us to have auditors anywhere in the world to provide a global response to our clients, but with the local approach provided by each Nexia firm.

The planning we perform of the group audit allows us to prepare homogeneous instructions, which we send to the auditors to receive the audit reports of the subsidiaries, as well as the other information necessary to carry out the audit of the consolidated group within the appropriate deadlines. The confidence in the auditors of the Nexia network makes it possible that the audits of the groups are performed in an agile way, resolving the incidents that may arise during the execution of the work in a very close manner.



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