Through outsourcing we manage your compliance and management processes with full guarantee, so you can focus on your business.

There are numerous processes performed by companies that do not add substantial value to businesses. Tax Authorities have appointed companies as indispensable partners for the collection of taxes; the Social Security Administration requires detailed information in the social insurance report, with which the company’s decision makers may not be familiar. Likewise, the requirements in terms of accounting compliance are in continuous development and are becoming increasingly demanding.

In our area of ​​outsourcing or business process outsourcing (BPO) we become your service provider, allowing your company to have qualified professionals to reliability perform these functions, under the supervision of our firm at all times.


  • It allows to reduce the number of employees.
  • It reduces fixed costs, converting them into variables.
  • It allows rapid cost scalability, since they easily adapt to the workload, which is not achieved with employees already hired.
  • It allows the company to focus on its business, devoting all efforts to the development of its activity.
  • Continuous update: our professionals have the appropriate continuous training, updating their knowledge on a recurring basis, which allows us to have fully trained resources.

The peace of mind that your taxes are being managed efficiently.

We provide our experience in labour and administrative management processes, which require a high degree of specialisation in payroll, affiliation, hiring and social insurance.

Focus efforts on the areas that provide value, with specialization in management, orders, billing, purchase orders, and payments.



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