Labour Management

We provide our experience in labour and administrative management processes, which require a high degree of specialisation in payroll, affiliation, hiring and social insurance. Labour legislation is constantly changing, and it is more necessary than ever to have highly qualified professionals to manage the daily work relations of your company.

At Audalia Nexia, we have longstanding relationships with our clients in their labour management, and we provide industry experience in numerous industries and collective agreements in different geographical areas of Spain, including offices, construction, metal trade, hospitality and tourism, sports facilities and gyms, scheme for artists and workers of the show business, industry, etc.

We provide personalised services for our customers, meeting deadlines, assigning specialists in the sector to which your company belongs, with a fluid communication with the representatives of your company, and with the team member in charge; all this under the supervision of a professional structure of internal control and quality.


We work with updated and advanced software developments approved by the Social Security and the Tax Agency, with digital signature that allow automatic communication with public entities.
The communication of the data is made through our website. The restricted access to the intranet guarantees the adequacy of the data and the security while sending encrypted information.
The following are the services we offer:

  • Management of employees in terms of additions and terminations, hiring and severance.
  • Outsourcing of personnel management.
  • Calculation of periodic payroll, extra pays and bonuses.
  • Preparation and presentation of social insurances.
  • Elaboration and presentation of the corresponding personnel tax models.
  • Processing of temporary disabilities (Common and Professional Contingencies) .
  • Preparation of economic reports for the Human Resources Management.
  • Advice on the daily management of personnel.
  • Relationship with official entities.



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