Tax Management

An adequate tax management provides the peace of mind that your taxes are being managed efficiently.

Your Company’s activity involves a series of obligations in tax matters, the compliance of which is essential for the proper development of the business. Nowadays, the Tax Authorities have appointed companies as indispensable partners for the collection of their taxes, and have offloaded on them the responsibility to collect and settle all necessary taxes within the given deadlines, failing which significant sanctions would apply.

Therefore, the correct fulfilment of tax obligations is essential. In Audalia Nexia we have a team of expert professionals in the field of tax management that will allow you to delegate these functions of calculation, preparation and presentation of taxes. We will keep the company’s management informed at all times, so that tax obligations are rigorously met, without imposing an excessive burden on the company and allowing greater focus on the business.


  • Team of professionals, whose knowledge in tax matters is continuously updated.
  • The fixed cost is replaced by variable cost, adapting to the Company’s needs.
  • Emotional calmness; the assurance that your taxes are being managed properly, smoothly, and without unexpected sanctions.
  • Supervision of taxes applicable to the company; should any change arise; our professionals are aware and apply it since its implementation.

The following are main taxes we manage:

  • VAT.
  • Personal Income Tax.
  • Withholdings on leases.
  • Withholdings in payments to Non-residents.
  • Corporation tax.
  • Census modifications.
  • Local taxes, such as the ITP.
  • Taxation of Non-residents.
  • Informative statements.
  • Model 720.

Together with the periodic management of taxes, we take care of the management of your DEH (Enabled Email Address) for your communications by the Spanish Tax Agency. Following the receipt of a notification, the client is informed, in order to decide jointly with our advisors, the best way to act according to each case. It is essential to establish a regular consultation procedure in order to avoid notifications after the deadline and/or undesirable sanctions…

The participation of experts in the field allows us to detect a large number of transactions that may have a tax significance, and to reflect them appropriately in the corresponding settlement. In addition, the management of taxes should be linked to accounting, with constant communication between both departments, since accounting is the basis for adequate tax compliance. In those cases in which we have been entrusted the accounting management together with the tax management, the entire process is developed very efficiently.



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