Our vocation consists on being considered as a Spanish reference in advising SMEs in both, their national and cross-border transactions. For that, we rely on our wide international coverage.

Regardless if you are a seller or a purchaser, a transaction is always an important event given the consequences of the decisions taken, whether to invest/disinvest or not to do it. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be surrounded by professionals specialized in transactions, as well as in the different necessary areas of knowledge to undertake them successfully.

But you do not only need expertise and technical knowledge, you also need empathy, with you and your objectives, as well as an entire team involved in your project to reach your chased success. Our firm’s culture promotes these values in our professionals.

This is the reason why we are the best option to provide companies and private capital funds with an agile advice on purchase or sale transactions.

What makes us different?

  • Our managing department (partners, directors and managers) is strongly involved in undertaking your task; this results in clients directly accessing to highly qualified professional experience and knowledge.
  • Given our company’s multidisciplinary character, our experts are not only specialized in financial advise and accounting, but in tax, legal, labor, IT, etc. matters. This allows us to carry out merger and acquisition (M&A) projects, including due diligence regarding all aspects that may interest our clients. Not least, this also enables our client to communicate with a single interlocutor, optimizing thus time and coordination efforts.
  • As we belong to one of the largest worldwide networks of professional services firms, we can access to experts in every business area. Audalia Nexia belongs to the M&A Group of Nexia International, that is specialized in business transactions where information on opportunities and mandates is usually exchanged while easing the search for potential international purchasers or sellers.
  • We constantly inform our client on his/her project progress, by anticipating any significant event that might impact on it.

We are in charge of searching potential purchasers or target companies that comply with the characteristics required, as well as of establishing contacts and preparing the appropriate documentation. Likewise, we assist the client along every step in an acquisition or purchase process, until this transaction comes to an end.

The fairest actual valuation of a company is the better tool to provide confidence in future purchasing transactions. In order to undertake this valuation correctly, it is essential to check the transactions from different perspectives to avoid any relevant aspect to remain hidden.

When you are really interested in the transaction, the undertaking of a due diligence process is crucial to find every point that may be found essential and that may undoubtedly affect the negotiation of the transaction. Regardless it refers to selling or buying, this step is crucial and must be carried out from different points of view: financial, tax, legal, labor and technological.

Every transaction undertaken to sell or buy companies must be registered in documents where all terms and conditions therein referred to are described. Being supported by a multidisciplinary team with experience in transactions when negotiating the terms of the operations shall be crucial in the future.



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