Valuation Services

As a prior step to mergers and acquisitions, our Company may carry out an independent valuation of merging companies or of the target acquisition company. So, we provide an objective reference of value (Fairness opinion), that may be an useful background to negotiate.

Pursuant to the mercantile legislation, we draft independent expert reports in merger and demergers processes, non-cash contributions, etc.

In case your Company is to be sold, our teams shall provide you with a professional, objective and independent valuation, for you to assess before starting searching for potential purchasers if the value so determined coincides with your expectations. In any case, our valuation shall consist on a reference to be taken into account to negotiate your Company’s price.

There are sometimes discussions between a Company’s partners or shareholders, or between members of an entrepreneurs family, whose resolution may be found by means of an independent expert’s valuation of the Company. Our Firm is able to undertake this kind of tasks, as well as we are able to present it to the parties implied, together with an explanation of the methodology used and of the result achieved.

Different legal or tax regulations require evaluating companies or assets. In these cases, our teams shall carry out these tasks using valuation methods rendered appropriate to the specific circumstances and the assignment aim.

In a Purchase price allocation background for the different assets acquired according to the IFR 3, our professionals may determine their fair value in order to comply with requirements set forth in said standard while providing Company’s managers with objective and independent information.

We equally evaluate a business, a block of shares or intangible assets as may be goodwill or a brand.



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